These photos take Henry from 3 days to about 6 weeks. Other photos are available from the Main Henry page.

Three days old (Jan. 22) and ready to go home from the hospital.


Scott has his hands full!


Lynne needs a kiss before heading home.



Grandma Susan welcomes Henry home from the hospital.

Worf and Curzon don't know what to think. Something smells very different!

Five days old (Jan. 24) and visiting with Aunt Jean. What an expression.

Note the festive hat from the hospital. (Still Jan. 24)

Eight days old (Jan. 27). Look at those pretty eyes.

Nine days old. Henry is stylin' in his baggy jeans.

26 days old. Happy Valentines Day! from Dad...

and Mom. (Well, maybe kind of a fussy Valentine's Day.)

Four weeks old and very discreet. Look at that navel, all healed up.

After the bath everyone was very tired. That's the quilt that Great-Aunt Kathrine made.

One month old. Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Brian came to visit!

This one is Grandma...


and this is Grandpa. Aren't I cute?


Five weeks old. Worf and Henry are the same size, and neither one is going anywhere.





Henry was baptized at 5 weeks. Here he is with his parents.

And with his great-grandparents. Great-Grandma Leona sewed his baptismal gown! It is made out of the silk material from the train of Lynne's wedding dress.

Partying with Grandma Ellen.


Together at the church.




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