Baby Lindhurst: Pregnancy

Lynne and Scott have a new baby: Henry Stewart. We were quoted due dates ranging from January 6-15, 2003.

Fun Fact: Lynne's most noticeable food aversion was smoke from barbecued meat. Smoke flavoring in food was also a problem. (Strangely, cigarette smoke didn't bother her.)

Here's what Lynne looked like in August (with 5 months to go):

in September:

in October:

in November:

in December:

in January (one week to go):

and on the way to the hospital (5 days past due):

We had a July ultrasound at the end of month 3. They kindly labeled the baby's head and body. The most notable feature is probably the prominent jaw and tooth buds, which you will understand if you have ever met Scott.

Then there was the September ultrasound (just before the start of month 6).

Clockwise starting with the upper left, here's what you are seeing:

1. The baby's face--a sideways skull, looking right at us.

2. Two fists, one in the center and one a little lower and to the left.

3. One foot in the center of the picture, with the other foot sort of hiding behind it.

4. The whole baby, with head on the right, two fists above, and body in the lower left.

5. Profile of the head, again with the prominent jaw.

6. Two forearms with hands together, elbows apart.

Fun Fact: We didn't know Henry's sex until he was born. Until then, we called him "The Nipper."

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